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North Idaho Jr Tackle Football

Game Rules

Idaho State High School rules apply except for the following:

3rd/4th Grade (Fitz League)

This is a FUNDAMENTAL league (3rd/4th grade). We do not assess penalties with yardage loss/gained and do not throw flags for actions like holding, encroachment, or illegal formation. We simply ask that the referee informs the Head Coach of the athlete involved and have them coach the appropriate behavior.

  • Each athlete MUST play at least 50% of the game
  • Each team can have 1 coach on the field with the players to help them line up and call plays
  • Field will be 50 yards long.
  • Times:
  • Games are held on Wednesday nights
  • Two 30 minute halves, with a 5 minute half time
  • Running clock will be used during both halves
  • Defense:
  • Must run a stacked 4-4.
  • No Blitzing: Linebackers should read and fill holes but no pre-snap jumps
  • Defensive ends must be lined up directly in front of the tackle or tight end
  • Defensive tackles must line up directly in front of guards
  • Offence:
  • Ball starts on the 40-yard line
  • No Kickoffs
  • No Punts
  • Penalties will result in a loss of down, but will not result in negative yardage
  • Fumbles and interceptions will cause a change of possession and the ball will be reset at the 40-yard line when downed
  • Week 1 Only Rules:
  • Bobbled exchanges will result in a loss of down
  • No play clock
  • After Week 1 Rules:
  • Bobbled center-quarter back exchanges are a live fumble and can be recovered
  • 45 second play clock, with loss of down for delay of game
  • The chain crew (provided by the home team) will be on the home team side of the field

5th - 8th Grade

  • Time:
  • Games are held on Saturdays with the following schedule:
  • 9 am => 7th Grade
  • 11 am => 8th Grade
  • 1 pm => 6th Grade
  • 3 pm => 5th Grade
  • Note: Some games can be moved to different times due to field availability
  • Four 10 minute quarters, with a 10 minute half time
  • Games will be kept to 2 hours or less
  • When a team is 21 or more points ahead in the second half, a running clock CAN be imposed at the loosing coach’s discretion and the hosting locations board member.
  • Offense:
    • Kickoff will start at the 40-yard line
    • Punts are live.
    • No restrictions on ball carrier weight
  • Extra Scoring:
    • Extra points are live
    • 1 point for successful run or pass on PAT
    • 2 point for successful kick on PAT
  • Any penalties thrown due to sideline demeanor, will be 15-yards and assessed to the head coach. This includes actions of coaches, parents, guardians, family members, friends, and athletes. We hold our coaches responsible to maintain a positive sideline demeanor.
  • The chain crew (provided by the home team) will be on the home team side of the field.
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